Welcome to Command Center: Earth.  This Archive is dedicated to one of the longest running, live action,
kid's television shows on today - Power Rangers.  Spanning from the original series, Mighty Morphin
Power Rangers (1993), to the current incarnation, Power Rangers Jungle Fury (2008), Power Rangers
has not only been entertaining millions of fans world wide, it has also been teaching people of all ages the
values of friendship, determination, trust, peace, responsibility, and good sportsmanship.

This archive is a testament to the wonderous writings of Power Rangers fanfic authors the world over.  
With 16 years, 16 Seasons, hundreds of characters, and more teams than you could shake a stick at,
Power Rangers has continued to be a force to be reckoned with.

Stories featured here were chosen by the group of four PR authors that have joined forces to run this site:

Command Center: Earth strives to find the best PR fics out there, with criteria like proper spelling and
grammar, original plot lines and stories, new original characters, strong characterization, coherant plots,
attention to details, mature emotional responses and classic PR moments.  So, grab a seat at the juice bar,
let Ernie serve you a smoothie, and enjoy the journey!

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Power Rangers
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Disney, and Toei!
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