While the five of us don't want to stunt anyone's creativity, there are some rules we'd like to post so that
everyone knows the kinds of stories we're looking for, the kinds of stories that are going to gain our
attention and get you placed here in the archive.

 Stories need to be spell checked, grammar checked, and/or even Beta read.  Proper punctuation, spelling and
grammar are essential to a good story.  Stories with gross amounts of mistakes are going to be rejected.

2.  Stories about graphic abuse to children and minors for the "fun of it" will be outright rejected.  We want mature events,
but not to the point that it's horribly hurtful or unrealistic.  Stories dealing with mature events will be dealt with on a case
by case basis.

3.  We accept M/MA ranked stories, but don't think for one moment we'll accept just any story as such.  Again, we strive
for maturity and realness, not something that sounds like it belongs in a cheesy version of real life.

4.  If your story doesn't make it into the archive, it's not because we have a thing against you, it just means that the story
isn't up to our standards.  You are more than welcome to email whoever you submitted it to and ask what can be done to
improve the work for submission, but remember, we're going to be blunt about our reasons.

5.  We reserve the right, for any reason, to reject a story.  Which, when referring to the previous rule, means we might
not always answer you about why it was rejected.

6.  Please be patient. Updates happen maybe once a month, so it may be a while before your story goes up, and if it's
not in that month's update, you may resubmit your story.  Furthermore, all the moderators have lives beyond this archive.
They must take the time to read your story, possibly discuss its merits with other moderators, and then reply to your
request. Please give them sufficient time to review your request before sending any additional inquiries. Any
submitters/authors found to be persistently harassing a moderator may be subjected to a ban from this site and their fics
being removed from the archive.

7.  When submitting stories, please include Author, Author Email, Story URL, Rating, Summary, Main Characters, and

8.  Please submit your story only to the section where the MAIN characters are from.  I.E. If your story has more than 1
person from more than 1 team, it needs to go to the teamups section.  If the story has the DT team and say 1 character
from another season, it goes to Dino Thunder.  We reserve the right to send it to the proper section or not.

9.  The archive shall not be held responsible for maintaining a copy of any story submitted for posting, whether it is
approved, posted, published, or rejected. The submitter/author is solely responsible for maintaining a copy of their story.
If the location of the story should change, the submitter/author should promptly notify the archive to update their link.  
Broken links will be deleted from the archive.

10.  This archive is for PR stories only.  Any story dealing with a cross over into another fandom will not be accepted.

11.  For now, stories containing OC Ranger teams without an already established ranger of the PR Universe on the team
are subject to discussion of inclusion in the archive.
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